Ticking Guide

There’s a default option for ticking on every mattress we offer, however like with everything at Sleeping Partners you can personalise and choose whichever you want.

Stamford Ticking


Default on Hoskins Mattress
Code: T01b


Default on Hoskins Ortho Mattress
Code: T02


Default on Hoskins Deluxe Mattress
Code: T03


Default on Hoskins Backcare Deluxe
Code: T04


Default on Lawson Tait Mattress
Code: T05

White Chapel

Out of stock


Default on Shoolbred Mattress
Code: T07


Default on Peyton Mattress
Code: T08

Mankind Org

Exclusively for Winfield Mattress
Code: T09

Don’t forget to select your choice of ticking when adding a mattress to your basket.

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